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Tank Cleaning Services And Cleaning Packages


Professional Water Tank Cleaning

Most cities in India depend on water supplied by municipal authorities during certain part of the day. So we need to store water in overhead or underground tanks . Stored water, over a period of time, impurities get dissolved and small particles as well as bacteria and germs accumulate in the tank. If we don’t undertake water tank cleaning periodically, the result is serious health hazards.

Water Tank Cleaning Packages

Often people don’t realise that the water supplied to them is not all that clean and have different pollutants. These can become breeding ground for more harmful germs and pathogens and lead to serious water borne diseases.

These deposits on the inside walls and lid area of the tanks decrease the life of the tank or cause its mal-functioning.

To prevent such problems, we must keep storage tank and pipes free from accumulation of dirt and impurities. The solution is to carry out regular and systematic water tank cleaning. Since it is an elaborate and complex task, we need to seek the services of a professional tank cleaning services to carry out the task.

Tank cleaning Packages:

Only a reliable professional tank cleaning service like Max Cleaner is equipped to handle the complex task of water tank cleaning at home and industries efficiently. That will protect us from the various health problems. They have trained and experienced personnel and attractive tank cleaning packages.

The total Water tank cleaning packages involves eight different stages which are:

  • Cleaning of surroundings: The area around the tank is thoroughly cleaned and made free from dirt, mud and algae.
  • Dewatering: Using an automatic machine, the water is emptied removed from the drain and the tank.
  • Sludge removal: The dirty water and sludge is removed manually and by using a sludge pump.
  • Scrubbing: The tank is scrubbed manually to remaining dirt, fungus   remove and hard stains.
  • High pressure water jet cleaning: Further cleaning of the walls and ceilings is done using high pressure jet.
  • Vacuum cleaning: A vacuum cleaner is used to complete the cleaning process.
  • Anti-bacterial spray: Special anti-bacterial agents are now sprayed on the ceilings and inside walls.
  • UV Treatment: A UV Radiator is used to kill any bacteria still left. 

The tank cleaning packages offered by highly professional and reputed Tank cleaning services like Max Cleaner is the lasting solution to maintaining the water tanks at home or in industrial in a spic and span condition. The terms are so reasonable and attractive and the customer support excellent. All this makes Max Cleaner the no. name in professional water tank cleaning packages offered by cleaning services and growing steadily in different parts of India.