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Water tank cleaning services


Water tank cleaning services

People these days focus mostly on purifying drinking water and what they are using for cooking however, there are very few instances when people ask for cleaning water tanks. Water tank cleaning services are now required in many household and residential areas as people are now paying heed to its requirement considering the intensity of infections, water-borne diseases, and health conditions. We use tank water for cleaning ourselves, washing clothes, and fulfilling other household needs. Due to the continuous storage of water in the tank, various substances like sediments, scale, and algae get stuck on the walls and floor of the tank. Such type of accumulation, of deposited over time, this deposition contaminates the water and makes it unsuitable for consumption. After a certain period of time, the algae and bacteria breed and foster in the tank water and infect it which will eventually make you sick like never before. It simply means that ignoring the importance of tank cleaning services endanger the health of your entire family.

Taking the fact of how important it is to carry out tank cleaning services every once in a while, most people choose to hire such services once a year. The quality of the quart supplied to the homes, TDS levels, and sedimentation will also decide the time gap between the tank cleaning service.

Here’re some of the steps that are usually followed by our professional cleaners:

  • The area that is around the water tank and top of it is cleaned first.
  • Then the tools that are to be used in the cleaning process are disinfected.
  • After that water and sludge is drained out from the tank with the aid of a sludge pump.
  • Then the cleaners carry out the manual scrubbing of the tank in order to eliminate the dirt, sediments, fungus, and stains from it.
  • The tank is washed thoroughly using a high-pressure jet.
  • To ensure that every last particle is sucked out of the tank, Vacuum cleaning is done and then it is sprayed with spray or liquid bleach.
  • Once the tank is dry, clean and ready to be filled with water for domestic use Max Cleaner tank cleaning process takes around 4-6 hours and totally worth the wait for the sake of your family.