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Industrial Water Tank Cleaning Delhi


Industrial Water Tank Cleaning Delhi

Why Clean Industrial Water Tank?

Water is considered as the main requirement for life and for day to day activities. Pure and portable water is the ideal way to maintain good health. Water can get contaminated easily and the main source of contamination is the water tank. The main contaminants are dust, soil, bacteria, algae, and viruses. Any industry needs good and clean water and this requires good industrial water cleaning services. For the industrial water tank cleaning requirements Maxcleaner is the solution.

Industrial water tank cleaning steps:

Industrial water tank cleaning is a task performed by following many steps:

  • Manhole cleaning: The entrance to the tank is cleaned initially where all the dirt and insects thrive.
  • Removing the water: The next step is to use a pump and remove excess water. The water level is maintained much below the low level.
  • Removal of sludge: The sludge along with the water, sand and mud is removed from the bottom of the tank and thus tank is rendered clean.
  • High pressure water cleaning: High pressure water cleaning removes all the dirt, algae and sand and leaves the surface of the tank with no traces of dirt or algae.
  • Vacuum cleaning: Vacuum suctioning of the dirt and any residual water is done and this is disposed at faraway places for hygiene purposes.
  • Sterilization: Sterilization by using organic and non toxicanti bacterial spray is used to kill microorganisms and viruses.
  • UV radiation: This ensures 100% bacteria free atmosphere inside the tank.
  • Surface cleaning: Surrounding areas at a distance of 5 meters radius is cleaned to avoid dirty water from the outside of the tank from seeping inside the tank.

Why opt Maxcleaner ?

Maxcleaner industrial water tank cleaning Delhi and and industrial water tank cleaning Gurgaon the solution for industrial water tank cleaning. Maxcleaner has the best trained and dedicated staff to carry out industrial water tank cleaning all over India. The staffs are highly experienced, and trained with all the aspects of industrial water tank cleaning. Strict guidelines are followed and the personnel adhere to safety and special gear set with boots and caps to avoid contamination of any sort during the operation procedure.

Maxcleaner industrial water tank cleaning is the right stop for all water tank cleaning solutions. Maxcleaner can be easily contacted via text message or calls for the immediate and quick service.

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