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Overhead Tank Cleaning Services

Since water is an indispensable part of our lives, water tank cleaning service has become the need of the hour considering how people have become more conscious about its purity. The demand for these services wasn’t quite in demand as it is now and that is why Maxcleaner have decided to cater to people’s needs in the best possible manner. In the wake of awareness about how important it is to consume clean water, many residential and commercial properties are hiring it. Along with clean water for cooking and cleaning, people are now focusing on keeping the water-borne diseases at bay by getting the water tanks cleaned up as well. Usually, the need for overhead tank cleaning services arises because the continued storage of water in the tank leads to the birth of various unwanted substances that may affect your health adversely.

From sediments, scale, algae, microorganisms, rust to aquatic weed, you’ll find various disease generating elements in your water tank that you need to get rid of. Such type of deposition over time inspires the need for water tank cleaning service that is usually opted once in every year. Before you jeopardize the health of your entire family, you need to hire professionals to ensure if the tank in your house requires cleaning. The quality of water supplied at home, their TDS levels and sedimentation will be the decisive factor of the requirement of tank cleaning.

Once you decide to go with it, you must know these are the steps that are taken by the experts to keep your tank clean:

  • The tank is emptied first and then the area around the water tank and its top is cleaned first.
  • Before getting on with the cleaning, the tools used by the cleaners are disinfected.
  • Sludge pump is utilized to get rid of any sludge in the tank.
  • Then the professional cleaners get on with scrubbing and cleaning the walls and floor of the tank for the better removal of sediments and fungus.
  • High pressure jet is used to remove adamant deposition during the overhead tank cleaning service.
  • Vacuum cleaners are used to eliminate any kind of dirt and then liquid bleach is sprayed in the tank for killing the left out germs.